Welcome To Stardew Valley - Wax Melt Collection
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Welcome To Stardew Valley - Wax Melt Collection

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Grandpa’s Farm: fresh soil, red radish leaf, and green grass.
The Stardrop Saloon: rhubarb pie, sweet apple crisps, and an ice cold pale ale.
Wizard’s Tower: moss covered stone, towering trees, patchouli, neroli, and sweet orange flower.
The Secret Forest: ancient pine, fiddlehead fern, oak leaf, and a dash of magic.
Caroline’s Sunroom: green tea leaf, herbal garden mint, and floral peony petals.
Dance of The Moonlight Jellies: sweet cactus blossom, pineapple juice, dried sage, and distant crashing waves.
Joja Cola: sweet and syrupy cola, found fresh in the trash!
Granny’s Cookies: oatmeal raisin cookies with toasted sugar crystals.
Skull Caverns: desert sands, iridium ore, lit torches, dinosaur bones.
Ginger Island: sweet honey, zesty ginger, fresh limes, coconut shavings, & golden sand beaches.