Discontinued Scents

The following scents have been discontinued due to supply shortages and more but they will live on in our heart forever.

*DISCONTINUED* A 23 Day Feast: Redwood trees & fresh air will make you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, just watch out for the monster! Inspired by Jeepers Creepers.

*DISCONTINUED* Angry Raccoon: fresh picked berries, blue lotus, orange blossoms, amber, and cedar mixed with a shot of rum; Inspired by Rocket from our Guardians of the Galaxy Collection

*DISCONTINUED* Calypso: incense, patchouli, warm plums, vanilla tart, and orange zest; Inspired by the character Calypso in Pirates of the Caribbean.

*DISCONTINUED* Christmas On Main Street: funnel cake, salted caramel popcorn, and cinnamon. caramel pralines; Reminiscent of Mainstreet, USA at Disney World.

*DISCONTINUED* Cinnamon Toast Crunch: cinnamon toast, white chocolate drizzle, and caramel coffee with a whipped cream topping.

*DISCONTINUED* Cornucopia Pie: mixed berries, pear slices, caramel sauce & pie crust.

*DISCONTINUED* Count: dusty floors, dried mud & cheap red wine. Inspired by Count Olaf from The Series of Unfortunate Events.

*DISCONTINUED* Curse of the Black Sun: apricots dusted in golden honey drizzles & charred woods with a hint of toasted marshmallow. Inspired by the Cursed Princesses from our Toss A Coin to Your Witcher collection.

*DISCONTINUED* Eat Me: Drink me, eat me…. How about you just smell this sweet scent of berry Bundt cake, black tea, & greenery; inspired by Alice In Wonderland.

*DISCONTINUED* France Pavilion: Bonjour! Fresh baked eclair filled with lemon curd and drizzled with white icing; from our Epcot inspired collection.

*DISCONTINUED* It's All Very Personal: Miles of grape vineyards, sugarcane, and crisp ozone of the afterlife. Inspired by Miss Argentina from our Beetle, Beetle, Beetle Juice Collection!

*DISCONTINUED* Lost Memories: clementine, forget me nots, fresh snow, and stainless steel. Inspired by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and created by VW fan JJ Rhodes!

*DISCONTINUED* Mother & Blood: Cardamom, dried pine, & musty motel air swirl together just outside of The Bates Motel. Remember, A boy’s best friend is always his mother…. Inspired by Psycho.

*DISCONTINUED* Negamoon Sisters: Cotton amber & chamomile; from our Sailor Moon Villains collection. 

*DISCONTINUED* Oompa Loompas: For our mini colab with Laughing Crow Candle Co, we created this sugary sweet scent that truly smells like the inside of a candy factory. Sweet tarts, gummy bears, skittles, sour lemon drops, watermelon taffy, and vanilla sugar mix for the sweetest scent we have ever created. Luckily, this won’t give you a cavity! Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

*DISCONTINUED* Tea Time: A blend of tea leaves; Inspired by Alice and Wonderland

*DISCONTINUED* Ugly Concubines: Mixed fruit and a can of whoop-ass! Inspired by Disney’s Mulan from our The Girl Who Saved China collection.

*DISCONTINUED* When Will My Reflection Show: Rooibos red tea leaves, jasmine petals, lime juice, and green tea aroma; Inspired by Disney’s Mulan from our Girl Who Saved China collection.