Luxury Scent Dupes - Wax Melts
Luxury Scent Dupes - Wax Melts
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Luxury Scent Dupes - Wax Melts

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Use the dropdown to select which scent you want. 

-Roasted Vanilla: Inspired by Tom Ford’s T*bacco Vanille. Notes of t*bacco leaf, warm spices, tahitian vanilla, and toasted wood. 
-French Lavender: Inspired by Voluspa’s French Cade Lavender. Notes of lavender, citrus, violet, amber, and musk. 
-Santal: Inspired by Le Lobo’s Santal 26. A warm aristocratic fusion of Australian sandalwood, Atlas cedar and sheer vanilla above a dry down of natural cocoa, sensual spices and warm musk. 
-Tree House: Inspired by Byredo’s TreeHouse. Aged bamboo, sweet pepper and hay lay the foundation of this imaginative scent above a heart of hay, labdanum and myrrh. As you look around, you'll find cedar, guaic woods, leather and sandalwood complete the build. 
-African King: Inspired by Byredo’s D’Afrique. African marigold, bergamot and buchu take a powerful hold above heart notes of cyclamen and violet before celebrating with a base of Moroccan cedarwood and vetiver. 
-Black Saffron: Inspired by Byredo’s Black Saffron. A seductive blend of juniper berries, freshly sliced pomelo and rich saffron gliding alongside black violet, rosé and leather before settling down with blonde woods, raspberry and vetiver. 
-Volcano: Inspired by Capri Blue’s Volcano. Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountains greens.