Life Finds A Way Wax Melt COLLECTION
Life Finds A Way Wax Melt COLLECTION
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Life Finds A Way Wax Melt COLLECTION

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Life, uh... finds a way.

Inspired by Jurassic Park 
-Welcome to Jurassic Park: fresh thymes, lush grasslands, eucalyptus leaves, & gushing waterfalls. 
-Isla Nublar: crisp bamboo, lemon rind, cedar wood & fresh ginger. 
*LAST CHANCE* Hold On To Your Butts Wax Bits: mint leaf, stainless steel computer desks, white tea petals, & lab coats. This scent is discontinued, last chance to get it! 
-You Bred Raptors?!: Dinosaur blood, smokey incense, crushed raspberries, & vanilla pod infusion. 
-Dino Food: fresh rain drops, eucalyptus tree leaves, shaving cream, & a jolt of fizz! 
-Life finds A way: aromatic massage oil, black pepper, amber, patchouli, & chaos theory.