Diffusers (Hanging & Vent Clip)
Diffusers (Hanging & Vent Clip)
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Diffusers (Hanging & Vent Clip)

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Use the dropdown box to select which scent and diffuser type you want.

Scent options:
-Isla Nublar: crisp bamboo, lemon rind, cedar wood & fresh ginger.
-Dino Food: fresh rain drops, eucalyptus tree leaves, shaving cream, & a jolt of fizz!
-Day-O: Shredded ginger, awapuhi leaves, blooming jasmine & coconut water.
-Black Pearl: lavender petals, chamomile, myrrh, sandalwood, & rough seas.

The beauty of our hanging diffusers is that you can hang them anywhere! They are a great option for when you want a flameless or no heat required fragrance. Simply tie the diffuser to a shelf, curtain rod, door handle, or wherever! I prefer to tie them to my rearview mirror in the car. Vent Clip diffusers are meant to be clipped into your car vent. Be sure to remove the plastic stopper before your first use.