Artisan Perfume
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Artisan Perfume

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Artisan Perfume: $32 for 30 ml, $18 for 16 ml.

-Baccarat Dupe: The odds are in your favor with this contemporary yet timeless scent. Indulge in the pleasing aroma of warm, sun soaked jasmine and spicy saffron under a breeze of Australian cedar and ambergris.
-Isla Nublar: crisp bamboo, lemon rind, cedar wood & fresh ginger.
-Dino Food: fresh rain drops, eucalyptus tree leaves, shaving cream, & a jolt of fizz!
-Day-O: Shredded ginger, awapuhi leaves, blooming jasmine & coconut water.
-Black Pearl: lavender petals, chamomile, myrrh, sandalwood, & rough seas.

Our Artisan Perfume is long lasting and light weight on the skin. Spray in your hair, on your body, or really anywhere to perfume your life!

If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. 

16 ml glass spray bottle with black cap.
30 ml black glass spray bottle with flat black cap.s