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When Evil Rains Collection

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Sometimes you need to be the villain in order to save the world. That’s what it means to be true hero.

You will receive each of the following scents:

Spaceboy: sexy Red Polo type & raspberry cream cake. Inspired by #1.
Kraken: leather suites & watermelon slices. Inspired by #2.
Rumor: orange fizzy soda, pink sugar crystals, & raspberry jam. Inspired by #3.
Seance: green Irish tween, smokey incense, & cannabis. Inspired by #4. 
Boy: a pot of piping hot coffee spiked with amaretto and a dollop of whipped cream. Inspired by #5.
Horror: salty sea air, greenery, & jasmine. Inspired by #6.
White Violin: earl grey tea, bartlett pear, & warm black amethyst. Inspired by #7.

Approx. 14 oz of wax.

This item is RTS.