Villoween Extras - RTS
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Villoween Extras - RTS

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Cannibal: bloody black cherry, vanilla bean, masculine leather, & fava beans.
Jack-O-Lantern: charred pumpkin, caramel drizzles, & freshly dried hay.
Foolish Mortals: creamed butter, brown sugar, clove, orange, & birchwood.
Black Flame Candle: juniper berries, white musk, pear puree, candle smoke, & a virgin’s match.
Spooky AF: crisp macintosh apple dipped in buttery caramel & crunchy toffee bits.
Witch’s Ghost: hay roofs, vanilla bean & cardamom infusions, & Ravencroft books.
Basic Witch: toasted espresso, pumpkin spice, & whipped cream.
Who You Gonna Call?: orange peels, apple slices, falling leaves, & sizzling slimer slime.
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