Vent Clip & Hanging Diffusers
Vent Clip & Hanging Diffusers
Vent Clip & Hanging Diffusers
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Vent Clip & Hanging Diffusers

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The beauty of our hanging diffusers is that you can hang them anywhere! They are a great option for when you want a flameless or no heat required fragrance. Simply tie the diffuser to a shelf, curtain rod, door handle, or wherever! I prefer to tie them to my rearview mirror in the car. 

Vent Clip Diffusers clip into your car air vent! 

*Please remove stopper under cap before use* Note that the vent clip diffuser only comes in a square shape.

Use the dropdown box to select which scent you want.
Witch, Please! (skull)
Tricks & Treats (skull)
It's Fall Y'all (cylinder)
Smeller Beware (skull)
Kraken (diamond)
Chupacabra (diamond)
Water Hound (diamond)