Timeless Magic Collection
Timeless Magic Collection
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Timeless Magic Collection

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Wasteful Witch: rich black velvet, sour absinthe, & shiny red lipstick. Inspired by the Witch of The Waste from Howl's Moving Castle and created by April R.  
Floating Castle: cucumber, green tea, fresh air, & gun powder. Inspired by Castle In The Sky.  
Young Goldfish: ocean water, salty sea air, & cotton amber. Inspired by Ponyo.  
Little Witch: freshly baked bread, cedar broomsticks, & windy days. Inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service.  
Forest Princess: thick forest, fresh dirt, oak trees, amber, & sandalwood. Inspired by Princess Mononoke.  
Moving Castle: campfire cooks, buttermilk pancakes, maple bacon, & syrup. Inspired by Howl's Moving Castle.  
Bath House: hot spa water, herbs, river water, & freshly cut grass. Inspired by Spirited Away. 
The Neighbor: yuzu, satsuma, growing trees, & rainwater. Inspired by My Neighbor Totoro. 
Granny’s Cottage: ooey gooey cinnamon rolls, fresh sugar cookies, and the faintest hint of a roaring fireplace; an ultimate warm and cozy blend inspired by Zeniba’s home in Spirited Away. 
Wizard’s Room: an herbal blend of Palo Santo patchouli, myrrh, bay leaf, shimmering gems, layers of dust, and smoked tobacco. Inspired by Howl’s room from Howl’s Moving Castle. 
The Cat Bus: pure petrichor... the atmospheric scent that follows a downpour of rain on dry earth after long, hot summer days. Inspired by My Neighbor Totoro’s Cat Bus scene.