Super Bros. Collection
Super Bros. Collection
Super Bros. Collection
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Super Bros. Collection

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Inspired by Super Mario Bros. Franchise.

Use the dropdown box to select which scent you want.

-DK Country: bananas, jungle greens, old whiskey barrels, & rhino horn jabs. Inspired by Donkey Kong & created by Julia E. 
-Rainbow Road: sandalwood, maraschino cherries & vanilla glaze. Inspired by the iconic track in Mario Kart. 
-Princess of Mushroom Kingdom: cherry marshmallow fluff topped with peachy puree; inspired by Princess Peach. 
-Princess of Sarasaland: cherry marshmallow fluff topped with daisy petals and leafy greens; inspired by Princess Daisy. 
-Princess of Lumas: floral elderflower petals, dewdrops on lemon leaves, dried lavender, and apricot juice. Inspired by Princess Rosalina. 
-King Koopa: spicy ginger, sand dunes, stone castles, & earthy, burnt wood. Inspired by Bowser. 
-The Plumber: shaving cream, imported Italian cologne, & lemony pipe grease. Inspired by Mario. 
-Yoshi Island: rolling hills, fresh spring grass, and scrumptious fruit slices! Inspired by Yoshi! 
-Delfino Plaza: creamy coconut flesh, white sand beaches, hibiscus bushes, & teakwood docks. Inspired by Super Mario Sunshine. 
-Cloud Kingdom: Sweet vanilla cream, mint leaf, and herbal lavender! Inspired by Super Mario Odyssey.