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Misc. Villain Scent Shots

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He Who must Not Be Named: cannabis flower & masculine Red Polo Type. Inspired by Voldemort.
Pink Lady: pink grapefruit, pink sugar, and earl grey tea. Inspired by the real villain of Harry Potter, Delores Umbridge.
Father: crisp cistrus, musk, lavender, & Asian sandalwood. Bleu De Chanel Type. Inspired by Darth Vader.
That Psychotic Smile: You better put this melt in right away! Do we look like we’re joking? Key lime pie, whipped cream, and absinthe. Inspired by Batman.
Camp Blood: Mrs. Voorhees's hot apple pie with a dollop of whipped cream will send you running through camp to the chow hall. Inspired by Jason Voorhees.
Friend Til The End: Vanilla pumpkin marshmallow cupcake. You'll want to share this sweet childhood fall favorite with your very best friend. Inspired by Chucky.