Luxury Destinations
Luxury Destinations
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Luxury Destinations

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White Tea & Thyme – Inspired by The Hilton’s Signature Scent. As you sip a delightful blend of white tea in the kitchen, you're surrounded by herbaceous notes of thyme, coriander, cucumber and watery greens perfectly balanced with violet, rose and jasmine all above a dry down of light musk 

Green Tea & Fig – Inspired by Vdara Resort & Spa’s Signature Scent. Dewy green stems, sweet basil, and wild jasmine infuse the air alongside Mission figs, bergamot and Asian pears. Rounding out the scent are whole cloves, Indian sandalwood and Chinese white pine 

Lemon Ginger – Inspired by Nobu Tower’s Signature Scent. Sun-soaked citrus, spanked mint and minced ginger are accented with notes of subtle cedar, vetiver and sandalwood layered above nutmeg, jasmine, patchouli and labdanum. 

Whistle Woods – Inspired by Four Season’s Whistler Signature Scent. Explore a forest path outside your lodge as woodsy notes of Western Red Cedar and Pacific Silver Fir weave a trail alongside Whistler Spruce and charred woods above a damp forest floor. 

By The Alamo – Inspired by Hotel Emma’s Signature Scent. Tranquility is found in this riverside scent that blends fir needle, eucalyptus and Italian cypress under the shade of cedarwood and Zanzibar clove trees alongside vetiver and Guaiac wood. 

Attune - Inspired by Marriott’s Signature Scent. A calm and relaxing blend of apple, orange zest, grapefruit and dewy greenery complimented by wild jasmine, Damask rose and Atlas cedar. 

Allure Noir - Inspired by Hotel Cromwell’s Signature Scent. A seductive blend of tobacco leaves, cognac and warm leather infused with vanilla liqueur and evening spices all served at the bar alongside lavender and red amber. 

Ginger Flower - Inspired by Langham Hotel’s Signature Scent. Enjoy an afternoon stroll among freshly watered greenery as you take in the notes of bitter ginger flower and honeyed pineapple as the wind delicately presents fresh lilac and black violets.