I'm All Booked - RTS
I'm All Booked - RTS
I'm All Booked - RTS
Villainous Wax

I'm All Booked - RTS

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Use the drop down box to select which scent you want.

-Unreclaimed Creature: warm tobacco, dried apricot, brushed sandalwood, & bay rum. Inspired by Wuthering Heights.
-Spring Court: rose petals, white musk, & creamy vanilla gelato. Inspired by A Court ofThorns and Roses.
-What A Stupid Lamb: freesia & lavender bouquets, apple slices, lemon rind, & crushed bamboo. Inspired by Twilight.
-The Shire: rolling hills of the English countryside, smoked applewood, & green fern. Inspired By The Hobbit.
-Beyond The Wall: crisp citrus, snow covered pine trees,  mint leaf, & eucalyptus sprigs. Inspired by Game of Thrones.
-The Burrow: warm zucchini bread & fluffy pancakes topped with maple syrup. Inspired by Harry Potter.
-The Reaping: violet musk, wood smoke, blood orange, & dark amber. Inspired by The Hunger Games.
-The Baudelaire Children: tart apples, warm cinnamon dumpling, maple oatmeal, & parental love. Inspired by A Series of Unfortunate Events.
-The Girl Who Fought Back: fresh soap, dried fennel, charred pineapple, paprika, & tattoo ink. Inspired by The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
-A Fair Story: fresh hay, dusty barns, old leather, & teakwood. Inspired by Animal Farm.
-The Tesseract: winding ivy vines, warm vetiver, & Mrs. Who's steel spectacles. Inspired by A Wrinkle In Time.
-Craigh na Dun scoopable wax: fir trees, winter berries, peppermint twists, & magical stones. Inspired by Outlander.