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Grand Re-Re-Re-Opening Extended Collection

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Inspired by more obscure references in the best burger show ever! 

Scents in this collection:

Bad Hair Day: hair gel & bad 80's perfume.

Slumber Party Fashion Show: sweet sugar, fresh pajamas, & pink feather boas.

Big Baby Pudding Snatcher: vanilla pudding, jelly bean schnapps, & easter grass.

Boob Punch: strawberry lipgloss, blue eye shadow, & sass.

Juice Caboose: assorted fruit juices & chocolate fountain drizzles.

They're So Fresh!: cranberry salsa & fresh cut grass.

Sleep Over Gene: peanut butter, sugar packets, & ice cream.

Sparkle Jelly Bracelets: grape jelly & peanut butter cookies.

Any individual extras will be in the RTS Extra Scent Shots listing.

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