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Grand Re-Re-Re Opening - Extras

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Its 9/3... 9 is divisible by 3!! In honor of our favorite TV couple's anniversary, we've decided to bring our ENTIRE Bob's Burgers collection back for the first time ever! Previously exclusive to one of our monthly boxes, now shop the whole collection below! 

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Goin' To Florida: orange creamsicle & cross country road trips.

Doodie Buddy: fizzy passionfruit limeade. pssst... this one glows in the dark!

Sexy Dance Fighting: herbal massage oils, tea lights, & ponytail whips guaranteed to force out your 4:30 meeting.

Espresso Teen: vanilla mocha espresso with a whipped cream topping.

Wharf Of Wonder: waffle cones, kettle corn, cotton candy, & sea air.

Caffery's Taffy: raspberry salt water taffy, salty sea air, and passionfruit paperbacks.

Horse Medicine: club soda, absinthe, herbs & bitters. Designed by AND for Equestranaut lovers.

Gross, Great, Ambergrise: overly ripe cantaloupe & fresh laundry.

Daytime Whiskey: whiskey & cranberry orange spice.

GingerBoom: gingerbread houses, white icing, & bourbon on the rocks.

Chunky Blastoffs: chocolate covered caramel pretzel toffee crunch.

Sugar Cookies: banana boat sun screen & sugar cookie crumbles!

Fig Jam Ban: You're BANNED! roasted figs, brown sugar, & Calabrian bergamot.

Bad Hair Day: hair gel & bad 80's perfume.

Slumber Party Fashion Show: sweet sugar, fresh pajamas, & pinkfeather boas.

Big Baby Pudding Snatcher: vanilla pudding, jelly bean schnapps, & easter grass.

Boob Punch: strawberry lipgloss, blue eye shadow, & sass.

Juice Caboose: assorted fruit juices & chocolate fountain drizzles.

They're So Fresh!: cranberry salsa & fresh cut grass.

Sleep Over Gene: peanut butter, sugar packets, & ice cream.

Sparkle Jelly Bracelet: grape jelly & peanut butter cookies.