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Grand Re-Re-Re-Opening Box Extras

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These are extras from our Grand Re-Re-Re-Opening box inspired by Bob's Burgers.

Use the dropdown box to select which scent you want.


Goin' To Florida Room/Body Spray: orange creamsicle & cross country road trips.
Doodie Buddy: fizzy passionfruit limeade. pssst... this one glows in the dark!
Sexy Dance Fighting: herbal massage oils, tea lights, & ponytail whips guaranteed to force out your 4:30 meeting.
Wharf Of Wonder: waffle cones, kettle corn, cotton candy, & sea air.
Caffery's Taffy: raspberry salt water taffy, salty sea air, and passionfruit paperbacks.
Horse Medicine: club soda, absinthe, herbs & bitters. Designed by AND for Equestranaut lovers.
Gross, Great, Ambergrise: overly ripe cantaloupe & fresh laundry.
GingerBoom: gingerbread houses, white icing, & bourbon on the rocks.
Chunky Blastoffs: chocolate covered caramel pretzel toffee crunch.
Sugar Cookies: banana boat sun screen & sugar cookie crumbles!
Fig Jam Ban: You're BANNED! roasted figs, brown sugar, & Calabrian bergamot.

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