Four Nations Collection
Four Nations Collection
Four Nations Collection
Four Nations Collection
Four Nations Collection
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Four Nations Collection

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Inspired by Avatar The Last Airbender

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Air Nomads: summer breezes, sunshine, orange blossom, pineapple, & fluffy clouds.
Earth Kingdom: misty forests, fresh dirt, amber crystals, & thick oak moss.
Fire Nation: charred apples, cinnamon bark, crystalized amber, & smoking sandalwood.
Water Tribe: crystal blue waters, icy glaciers, & peppermint crystals.
Order of the White Lotus: white tea, black currant, & jasmine petals.
Defenders: ocean waves, silk kimonos, wooden fans, & fields of grass. Inspired by the Kyoshi Warriors.
Dancing Dragons: patchouli, dragon's blood, & sand dunes.
Spirit Oasis: elder oak trees, refreshing eucalyptus, & chilly waters.
The Quenchiest: juicy watermelon, peach slices, apple puree, & cactus juice; created by Ruthi K.
Sky Bison: warm wool blankets, fresh air, & that feeling of finding a friend for life. Inspired by Appa.
Blue Spirit: bright florals, sandalwood, musk, & stainless steel dual broadswords.
Painted Lady: green foliage, coriander, jasmine petals, cedar shavings, & fresh river water.
Blind Bandit: fresh oranges, morning dew, hyacinth, spiced clove, wet red clay, & organic dirt. Inspired by Toph Beifong.

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How to use our wax melts: simply break off desired amount and set in your warmer. Let melt to perfume your home!