Favorites Collection
Favorites Collection
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Favorites Collection

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These are a few of my favorite scents from past collections that I think fly under people’s radar

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-Kind Princess: pumpkin carriages, spiced lattes, nutmeg dust & brown sugar. Inspired by Cinderella from our Two's A Pair collection. 
-Pisces: lush green clover, fresh aloe juice, salty ocean driftwood & white musk; from our Zodiac collection. 
-Zydrate: an addictive scent of fizzy blue raspberry; from our GeneCo collection. 
-Churro Frenzy: warm churros, spiced caramel & cinnamon sugar; part of our Magic Everywhere collection. 
-Fairly Odd: pink lemonade, lime sherbet, guava juice & fairy dust. Inspired by The Fairly Odd Parents from our SPLAT! Collection. 
-Mr. Wobblepot: Salty sea air, shaving cream & gutter water. Inspired by Penguin from our Gotham Gangsters collection. 
-By The Sea: ozone, salty ocean mist, warm musk & melon. Inspired by The Beach Club Resort from our Walt Disney World Resorts collection. 
-Princess Morbucks: sickeningly sweet blend of saltwater taffy, bubblegum, & cotton candy. Perfect for a spoiled brat! From our Power Puff Villains collection. 
-Look To The Books: library books, teakwood & cedar bookshelves, peppercorn & juicy kumquats. Inspired by The Pagemaster. 
-Bad Moon Rising: dark forests in the Ozarks, frosty dew & tart blood orange slices; from our Sing Me A Song collection.