fallvibes Box - RTS
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fallvibes Box - RTS

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This box is filled with super cozy scents in super cozy shapes, perfect for the season! Some fan faves are back plus a few new scents. 

Scents included:

🍁Blue For You: pumpkin pie topped with blueberry compote. One of my favorites!
🍁Strawberry Rhubarb Twist: strawberry rhubarb pie topped with puréed plums & cinnamon.
🍁Brandy Pear: brandy flambéed pears, caramel drizzles, & flakey pie crust.
🍁Thankful For You: pumpkin apple butter mixed with candied apples dripped in crunchy peanuts. Another favorite!
🍁Roasty Toasty: toasted marshmallows & sugary circus cookies.
🍁That Cozy Feeling: warm oatmeal, creamy milk, sweet plums, & drizzles of honey.
🍁Basic Bitch: traditional pumpkin spice latte. A fan favorite!
🍁Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow Type
🍁Leaves Type

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