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New Horizons Collection RTS

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Good Morning Everyone! Today we have an exciting announcement! We have our entire New Horizons collection extras available! But act fast, these items are extremely limited.

Use the drop down box to select which scent you want. 

Fruit Island: individual clamshells scented in Apple, Coconut, Cherry, Orange, Peach, & Pear

Sakura Season: Japanese cherry blossom petals flying through air

Nook 'N Cranny: cedar flooring, paper price tags, & the hottest new items!

Sunken Drunken Seagull: warm sea breezes, salt water, & a shot of vanilla rum

Forever in Nook Debt: cold hard bells, fresh cut grass, & pine tree sprigs

Tend To Your Garden: golden rose petals, jasmine vines, hyacinth crowns, & leafy greens

Fossil Fever: fresh dirt, dried leaves, library books & excavation plans

Jolly Pirate: herbal bay leaf, tobacco, & salty waves

Shrubbery Hubbubbery: azalea bushes, warm sunshine, & fresh cut grass

Sewing Sisters: the newest fashions, silver thread, & pink sugar perfume

Something's Fishy: bergamot, mahogany, & musk. Flannel Type

Turnip Pusher: bright & beautiful daisies, turnip tops, & mud

Exotic Rugs For Sale: small cotton rug, medium silk rug, & large incense

Chopping Trees & Catching Bees: ocean moss, waves crashing on the beach, & hardwood trees

A Whole Swarm!?: red hot cinnamon, crisp leaves, & clove

Morning Announcements: a giant glass of ice tea, squeeze of lemon, & cinnamon buns


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