EPCOT Collection
EPCOT Collection
EPCOT Collection
Villainous Wax

EPCOT Collection

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UKFoggy mist, tangled gardens, ozone & black tea leaves. 
France: fresh eclairs filled with a lemon cream & drizzled with vanilla icing. 
Italy: A traditional blend of cherry & vanilla amaretto. 
Canada: Crunchy French toast drenched in maple syrup harvested in Quebec! 
Japan: Japanese Pear, citrus blends & ginseng. 
Norway: Scandinavian butter cookies slathered with buttercream icing. 
Mexico: creamy Tres leches & sweet fried ice cream with a spicy chocolate drizzle. 
China: Crisp bamboo, ylang ylang, green tea leaves & willow leaves. 
MoroccoMulled orange rind, patchouli, red currants & musk.
Germany: white chocolate covered green apples dusted with graham cracker crumbles. 

World Nature: Layers of dried beach wood & fresh cut grass. Previously known as Future World West. 
World DiscoverySea salt, musk & creamy coconut mix to create an image of the distant future. Previously known as Future World East. 
World Celebration (Grand & Miraculous): stainless steel spaceships, burning incense & history overload! If you can read this, thank the Phoenicians! 

Soarin’ Over Fiji & Soarin ‘Around The World Duo: SOF: Fly away with this scent of blue skies and salty sea air anchored with SoCal citrus & lily of the valley.  SATW: African brush grass & mango puree. 
One Little Spark: sweet grape lollipops and fizzy orange soda. Inspired by Figment.