Enjoy The Show! Extras - RTS
Enjoy The Show! Extras - RTS
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Enjoy The Show! Extras - RTS

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Defying Gravity: honeydew melon slices, mint lime mojitos, & the feeling of flying free. Inspired by Wicked.

Jellicle Ball: earthy catnip & warm berries. Inspired by Cats.
Hello!: crisp white button downs, freshly mowed lawns, & doorbell rings. Inspired by The Book of Mormon.
Life Is A Cabaret: lavender martinis, citrus slices, amber smoke, & floral perfume. Inspired by Cabaret.
Age of Aquarius: cannabis smoke, fresh air, cedar, & long, beautiful hair. Inspired by Hair.
Just Be!: sweet cherry dusted almonds, strawberry puree, & sky high stilettos. Inspired by Kinky Boots.
Biblically Good Mermaid Marshmallow Pie: warm pie crust & coconut custard topped with toasted rainbow marshmallows. Inspired by Waitress.
Sing For Me Perfume: rose petals, murky rivers, intoxicating white musk, & lemon. Inspired by Phantom of The Opera.
Seasons of Love: blooming honeysuckle, warm sun, & caramelized cinnamon. Inspired by RENT & created by Kimberly Eckberg.
The Fiddler: fresh hay, warm bread, & mahogany. Inspired by Fiddler on the roof & created by Emily England.
Chicago inspired print by Dapper Digs Trading co.