Clearance Scent Shots
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Clearance Scent Shots

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Clearance melts are melts with slight imperfections, discoloration, handwritten label, or old branding label. Just trying to clear the shelves! Get a perfectly good melt at a super discounted price!

Use the dropdown box to select which scent you want.

Wiseman: spicy Lord of Misrule type, charred sandalwood, & smoke.

Practically Perfect: in every way! Inspired by Mary Poppins. Black tea, white cake & strawberries

Boob Punch: strawberry lip gloss, blue eyeshadow & sass

Gross, Great Ambergris: overly ripe cantaloupe & fresh laundry

Espresso Teen: vanilla mocha espresso with a whipped cream topping

Blood of A Pirate: teakwood, cardamom, clove, sliced almonds & pipe smoke

Sailor Galaxia: caramel pear puree, mandarin slices, & shredded coconut

Expert In Gibberish: ancient maps, crushed cloves, sweet orange & herbal sage; inspired by Milo Thatch

Scavenger: shredded ginger, valley trees, & sandy deserts

Crystal Thief: masculine earthy bases, cedar wood & saffron seeds; inspired by Commander Rourke

Nothing Personal: delicate jasmine, sultry white musk, lavender sprigs and marshmallow fluff; inspired by Helga Sinclair 

Pharaoh 90: dragon’s blood, incense, & dark musk

The Journal: ancient leather bound books, mahogany shelves & fresh mud; inspired by the Shepherd's Journal

Biblically Good Mermaid Marshmallow Pie: warm pie crust & coconut custard topped with toasted rainbow marshmallows.