Clearance Breakaway Bars
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Clearance Breakaway Bars

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Clearance melts are melts with slight imperfections, discoloration, handwritten label, or older branding labels. Just trying to clear the shelves! Get a perfectly good melt at a super discounted price! These can be bars or multiple small shapes equalling one breakaway bar. 

 Some Things Never Change: pumpkin, fall leaves, brisk breezes, & autumn spices. Created by Erin Foster.  

Chill Pill: herbal peppermint & soothing green tea. 

Sailor Neptune: fresh flowers, light coconut, sandalwood & ocean waves. Baja Cactus Blossom Type

Martian Manhunter: relaxing ozone and mint, pink grapefruit & peaches

Horse Medicine: club soda, absinthe, herbs & bitters. Designed by AND for Equestranaut lovers

Scavenger: shredded ginger, valley trees, & sandy deserts.

Lost Empire: sweet olive, tart grapefruit, fresh aloe & clover.

The Doctor: Gin and Tonic & fizzy soda. Inspired by Dr. Tomoe

Sassenach: black tea leaves & fresh cut grass

Pudge Controls The Weather: only peanut butter and whole wheat bread! never tuna..

My Buns!: freshly baked hamburger buns

Wicked Lady: black currant & blackberry sage.

Sailor Venus: sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid & white musk. Let Them Eat Cake Type

Sailor Mars: honey blossoms, citrus infused with honeycomb, fiery cinnamon & raw vanilla;

In Pie We Crust: flakey & buttery pie crust

Take A Sip: mint leaves, rosemary, cucumber slices & green tea

Berry Fresh: a blend of blackberry, blueberry & hot green tea

New Year Same Me: lavender petals & black tea