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Cauldron Potions, Tombstones, & Corpse Crates

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Relax Cauldron Potion: Coconut Water & Cantaloupe with an over pour of pear & April Downy Fresh.

Refresh Cauldron Potion: Temper (cotton shirts, amber, & shaving cream) with an over pour of Venus ( Sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, and white musk).

Sweet Bakery Cauldron Potion: Norway Pavilion (sweet Norwegian butter cookies) & Vanilla with an overpour of Buttermint (buttery white mints).

Empowering Cauldron Potion: Floating Castle (cucumber, green tea, fresh air, and gun powder) with an over pour of cucumber melon.

Sweet Pistachio Cauldron Potion: Reign of Terror (pistachios, coconut shavings, vanilla ganache, and macaroon chunks) with an over pour of Edgar Balthazar (pistachio pudding cake with a cup of warm black tea and milk). 

101 Disappointments Tombstone: Inspired by Cruella De Vil. This glamorous, feminine scent opens with rich and refreshing fruit notes, followed by a heavenly base of woods, marshmallows, and caramelized vanilla. Inspired by the BBW Forever Red scent.

Mischievous Corpse Crate: Lord Of Misrule Type

Butcher Corpse Crate: You won't need to be in Texas to smell this truly terrifying scent made up of cinnamon, vanilla, and freshly dried leather. Inspired by Leatherface.