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Academy Of The Unseen Arts - Extras

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These are ready to ship extras in EXTREMELY limited quantities.


Those who order any of these extras will receive a tea light in an exclusive scent from Laughing Crow Candle Co while supplies last.

This collection is inspired by The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Use the dropdown box to select which scent you want.




Dark Baptism: pine sap, unholy water, nutmeg, & clove

Malum Malus: evil apple puree, birch bark, cardamom, & cedar blossom

Hilda's Delight: spice cabinets, homemade cake, & an auntie's love

The Fright Club: pumpkin pecan waffles & maple syrup

Church of Night: french vanilla extract, vanilla bean, oak, & whiskey

Greendale Thirteen: out wood, dead tree bark, moss, & vengeful ghosts

Mother Of Demons: earl grey tea, apple slices, & herbal green pumpkin leaves

Witching Hour: bonfire smoke, dead leaves, patchouli, black pepper, & brown sugar

Scratch: peppercorn, vetiver, & abercrombie & fitch cologne type

Your Familiar: maple syrup, pumpkin pulp, mahogany, & musk

Morningstar: frankincense, myrrh, & espresso powder

Twisted Sisters: sandalwood, crysanthemum, neroli, & citrus

Queen Of Hell: blood orange, cognac, brimstone, & fire from the gates of hell

The Gray Room: black velvet, sweet blue sugar, & cologne

Hickery Pickery: apple, dried leaves, ginger shavings, fresh hay, & corn mazes