A Grimm Adventure Extras - RTS
A Grimm Adventure Extras - RTS
A Grimm Adventure Extras - RTS
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A Grimm Adventure Extras - RTS

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Let Down Your Hair: tangerine cream, leafy greens, & ruby red radishes. Inspired by Rapunzel.
Iron Henry: crystal blue lake water, lily pads, & frog croaks. Inspired by The Frog Prince.
Briar Rose: black amber, fresh lines, & rose petals. Inspired by
Sleeping Beauty.
Blood Thirsty Whipped Body Scrub: gingerbread houses, white icing, & peppermint candy. Inspired by Hansel & Gretel.
Little Glass Slipper: pumpkin seeds & cinnamon glazed sage. Inspired by Cinderella.

What’s My Name: golden thread, sandy floors, & fresh hay. Inspired by Rumpelstiltskin.
True Bride: zesty lime leaf, shredded ginger, & sweet golden sunshine. Inspired by True Sweethearts.
Three Signs: death, decay, & warm incense. Inspired by Death's Messenger.
Golden Mountain King: hickory wood, embers, & cardamom. Inspired by The King of The Golden Mountain, created by
Silas O'Connell.
Candle from Laughing Crow
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