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$2 Scent Shots

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Use the drop down box to select which scent you want.


Hawaiian Escape: white tea, ginger, & mandarin orange slices. Inspired by The Polynesian Village Resort.

A-Frame: Floral green clover, cool aloe, and fresh flowers. Just like the lobby of the Contemporary Resort!

Very Villainous Christmas: crisp ozone, fir trees, cinnamon bark, & peppermint sticks

Ms. Swann: earl grey tea leaves, lemon zest, juicy peach slices, and a slice of sweet almond cake.

Applewood & Grandma's Toddy: applewood, fern, & warm spices

One-Nine-Eight-Six: thyme, wild orange, mystical elderflower, & green moss

Mac Apple & Grandma's Toddy: macintosh apple & warm spices

Hilda's Delight: spice cabinets, homemade cake, & an auntie's love

Chameleon: Inspired by Randall. Maple, vanilla orchid, and figs sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper for some edge.

White Sage Sea Salt: ozone, sage, lemon, & sea salt

For The Clan: frosted pine needles, silver sgians, apple slices, & musk.

Churro Frenzy: warm churros, spiced caramel, & cinnamon sugar.

Sassenach: black tea leaves & fresh cut grass.

Return To Lallybroch: old oak trees, evergreen, & dry moss.