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Master Scent List & Descriptions

Edits in the making. This is a work in progress!

This is our MASTER scent list. It is a list of all scents created thus far. They are not all available year-round, but you are welcome to place a custom order for any scent.


Listed in alphabetical order. 


101 Disappointments: Inspired by Cruella De Vil. This glamorous, feminine scent opens with rich and refreshing fruit notes, followed by a heavenly base of woods, marshmallows, and caramelized vanilla. Inspired by the BBW Forever Red scent.

999 Happy Haunts: pistachio pudding cake, earl grey tea, & swirling cotton dresses.

*DISCONTINUED* A 23 Day Feast: Redwood trees & fresh air will make you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, just watch out for the monster! Inspired by Jeepers Creepers.

A Mother's Love: Downy April Fresh type & crushed blackberries.

A-Frame: Floral green clover, cool aloe, and fresh flowers. Just like the lobby of the Contemporary Resort!

Absolem: cannabis flower and incense smoke.

According To My Calculations: orange rind, ginger shavings, dried cranberries, & sweet cornbread. Inspired by C3PO

Accuser: strips of freshly cured leather, citron peel, sun-warmed Tonka beans, cashmere woods, and crystal amber (INSPIRED BY RONAN)

Acedia: Clean cotton, citrus, and jasmine, mix with cedar to relax and sooth your mind. Perfect for when you are feeling slow and lazy, like Sloth.

Addicted To The Knife: sensual musk, jasmine petals, honeysuckles, & ylang ylang.

Adventureland: charcoal, tonka bean, rum, & vanilla bean.

African Adventure: sandalwood, sage, vanilla, & citrus. Inspired by The Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Agent Smith: latex and leather mix with traditional english ivy and men's cologne.

Alligator: mouthwatering banana cream pie with a glass of earthy southern iced tea.

Amaretto Nog: sweet almond, vanilla, & eggnog.

American Adventure: Hello! funnel cake... need we say more?

The American: Cedar log shavings, citrus, sea salt, and amber.

Amortentia: succulent peaches, vanilla creme, & lemon fizz.

Amos Slade: forest musk, notes of creek side stones and river moss with brown sugar sweetened figs and Kentucky bourbon.

*DISCONTINUED* Angry Raccoon: fresh picked berries, blue lotus, orange blossoms, amber, and cedar mixed with a shot of rum (INSPIRED BY ROCKET)

Animator’s Hall: Mandarin orange, lemon, lime zest, sea salt, and a dash of tequila. Have a frozen margarita by the Big Blue Pool. Inspired by Art of Animation Resort.

Anteros: God of requited and unrequited love. If you have ever had your heart broken, you know it involves a lot of ice cream and alcohol. Anteros will be there to bring you a new bottle of your favorite whiskey and scoops of vanilla bean ice cream and when you melt this sinful scent.

Aphrodite: The Goddess of love and beauty! Bright citrus notes with a luscious fruity splash of crisp apples, red berries, and a floral bouquet of wood rose, jasmine, and sweet amber (Bombshell Type) and rich chardonnay wine drizzled over top.

Aquaman: Driftwood, vetiver, sea salt, and an exotic cocktail of passion fruit, tart yuzu, and juicy mango.

Arabian Night: Inspired by Jafar. Asian musk with light hints of pear and apple to start followed with exotic florals drying to a background of patchouli and warm vanilla.

Arachne: absinthe, black currant, mixed berries, sour apple candy, & pie crust.

Artemis: Lord of Misrule type with blooming pine forest.

Assistant: barbershop shaving cream mixed with the velvety scent of Siclian lemon, bergamot, french lavender, vanilla, and sultry Amber Noir.

At The Opera Tonight: April clean type linen curtains, fresh orange sherbet, & tuberose petals.

Auntie: mossy trees, musty swamp water, ozone, & green citrus. Inspired by Madame Medusa from The Rescuers.

Austen: A lovely blend of earl grey tea, white grapefruit, amber musk, and cashmere. Inspired by Jane Austen. “The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.”

Avaritia: Do you love liquid gold? Egyptian amber mix with coffee grounds, caramel drizzles, and soft cashmere will bring out the greediness in any soul.

Aye Aye, Sir!: Caribbean teakwood.

Baby Of Mine: blue cotton candy, caramel nut clusters,& cinnamon dusted funnel cake.

Baby Sitter: Inspired by Syndrome. Crushed blueberries, acai blossoms, and soft woods will make you think of a tropical island that's perfect for a super villain's lair.

Bad Hair Day: hair gel & bad 80's perfume.

Bad Shot: sweet grapes, rose, geranium, & patchouli. Supernova Type. Inspired by the Stormtroopers.

Badness Level: dark chocolate, sea salt, marshmallow, & orchid petals.

Bag of Bugs: Mistletoe and gooey cinnamon buns. Inspired by Oogie Boogie. 

Bald Mountain: Inspired by Chernabog. A crackling woody note that leads to a dry down of smokey burnt cedar wood.

Bashful: a fruity blend of cherries, pears, & melon slices with vanilla.

Basic Bitch: The first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season. You know its your favorite time of year!

Bath House: Hot spa water, herbs, river water freshly cut grass.

Batman: The ultimate luxury… Burberry Brit type.

Beast: a masculine scent of aromatic lemon zest and black pepper over a base of velvety cognac and spiced tobacco leaves

Beauty: the scent of vintage book pages and a hot cup of black tea sweetened with pure sugar cane.

Besu Besu: raspberry & tea and cakes

Beware Of Hitchhiking Ghosts: autumn wreath, smoked vanilla, & oud wood.

Big Baby Pudding Snatcher: vanilla pudding, jelly bean schnapps, & easter grass.

Bird Food: Inspired by Hopper. A fresh and green leafy scent with patchouli undertones. Smells exactly like freshly cut grass.

Blood Countess: Inspired by Elizabeth Bathory who was a Hungarian noblewoman known for murdering peasant virgins and bathing in their blood. Channel your inner Blood Countess while bathing in our new blood bath milk salts scented in tart blood orange, and thyme leaves.

Blood Countess’s Curse: blackberry & blood orange

Blood Sucker: succulent black cherry Bite My type mixed with freshly baked blackberry scones. This is such a delicious scent, make sure you don’t try to suck it up! (Yes, we went there) Inspired by Dracula.

Blood Thirsty: gingerbread, white icing, & peppermint candy. Inspired by the witch from Hansel & Gretel.

BloodBath: tart lemon curd & vanilla creme.

Bloody Mary: Inspired by Mary I of England who was known for her aggressive attempt to reverse the English Reformation by executing nearly every Protestant in England at the time. Scented in black tea, freesia petals, and peach slices.

Blue For You: pumpkin pie with a blueberry muffin crust, an exclusive VW treat!

Blue Punch Buggy: strawberry, lychee, pineapple, Malibu Rum, & coconut shavings.

Boats and Things: Sun, sand, and lemon slices. Smells a little like sunscreen and a little like a lemon mojito. Inspired by the Yacht Club Resort.

Bone Daddy: Homemade pumpkin souffle and a mug of sizzling mulled cider. Inspired by Jack Skellington

Bone's Best Friend (Red Nose): Blue spruce and roasted pine cone. Inspired by Zero.

Boob Punch: strawberry lipgloss, blue eye shadow, & sass.

Born To Be Wild: LUSH Jungle type, lime, basil leaves, pear slices, & dandelion petals.

Boy: a pot of piping hot coffee spiked with amaretto. Inspired by #5

Bratty Buzzcut: Inspired by Sid. Mouthwatering bubblegum will bring out your inner bratty kid.

Brave: blackberry saltwater taffy & vanilla.

Bride: fluffy blueberry muffins, peaches, & cream.

Bronte: chamomile tea, citrus splash, & sweetened milk.

Bunnicula: Did you read this childhood favorite? Its about a vampire bunny that sucks the juice out of veggies! It was one of our favorite stories growing up. The bright and cheery scent of fresh carrot cake with a special ingredient, orange fizzy soda, will make you want to take a bite!

Butcher: You won't need to be in Texas to smell this truly terrifying scent made up of cinnamon, vanilla, and freshly dried leather. Inspired by Leatherface.

Butler: black tea, earl grey tea, mint leaves, & garden dirt

ButterBeer: butterscotch, rum, & whipped cream.

By The Sea: ozone, salty ocean mist, warm musk, & melon. Inspired by The Beach Club Resort.

Caffery's Taffy: raspberry salt water taffy, salty sea air, and passionfruit paperbacks.

Calm Bitch: Lavender petals

*DISCONTINUED* Calypso: incense, patchouli, warm plums, vanilla tart, and orange zest

Camp Blood: Mrs. Voorhees's hot apple pie with a dollop of whipped cream will send you running through camp to the chow hall. Inspired by Jason Voorhees.

Camp Chippewa: toasted marshmallow, forest twigs, & swirling leaves

Canada Pavilion: Hi, eh?? Crunchy French toast drenched in maple syrup harvested in Quebec!

Capt Barbosa: rich tobacco leaf, cognac, cherry pits, vetiver, green fern, and ozone.

Capt Crunch: captain crunch berry cereal, caramel drizzle, and vanilla with a whipped cream topping.

Capt Davy Jones: fizzy absinthe, herbal sage, green herbal notes, sea salt, and driftwood.

Capt Jack: spicy rum, berries, ocean air, and salt water

Capt. Crunch Berries Frap Melt: captain crunch berry cereal, caramel drizzle, and vanilla with a whipped cream topping.

Cara Mia: hot tea, lemongrass, jasmine, & white musk. 

Caramel Brûlée: butterscotch, caramel, roasted coffee, and vanilla with a whipped cream topping.

Cat: Dare to be a sexy villain with this floral and fruity mix of peach, peony, plum, and vanilla. Inspired by Cat Woman.

Cauldron Cake: chocolate fudge brownie in a cute cauldron shape. 

Cauldron-Born: Smoked sandalwood and cedarwood with crackling amber and sweet marshmallows. Inspired by The Horned King from The Black Cauldron.

Cele Cele: strawberry summer scoop type & tea and cakes

Chameleon: Inspired by Randall. Maple, vanilla orchid, and figs sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper for some edge.

Cheeto with a Combover:movie theater popcorn, sea salt, & agave

Cheshire Cat: Strawberries and red grapes mixed with earthy fig tree.

China Pavilion: Ni Hao! Crisp bamboo, ylang ylang, green tea leaves, and willow leaves.

Chocolate Frog: dark chocolate chunks

*DISCONTINUED* Christmas On Mainstreet: funnel cake, salted caramel popcorn, and cinnamon. caramel pralines. Reminiscent of Mainstreet, USA at Disney.

Christmas Time Is Here: fir tree, apple cider, cinnamon, & pumpkin bread. Inspired by A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Chunky Blastoffs: chocolate covered caramel pretzel toffee crunch.

Churro Frenzy: warm churros, spiced caramel, & cinnamon sugar.

*DISCONTINUED* Cinnamon Toast Crunch: cinnamon toast, white chocolate drizzle, and caramel coffee with a whipped cream topping.

Clean Bitch: The scent of a fresh load of laundry!

Closest Shave: We can guarantee this is the best barbershop mix you will ever smell! Just don’t cut yourself shaving…. Barbershop mixed with candied ginger and a layer of pie crust on top. Inspired by Sweeney Todd.

Cogsworth: ripe autumn apples, eastern sandalwood, and refreshing cedar mixed with fresh forest wood shavings

Cold Shoulder: Inspired by Hans. Juicy raspberry and lingonberry extract with fizzy soda for a bite might defrost your frozen heart.

Cotton Candy: cotton candy fluff, raspberry, and vanilla bean with a whipped cream topping.

Count To 10: Inspired by Shere Khan. Light citrus notes are followed with hints of green tea, lavender, and geranium on a base of sandalwood and musk.

Count:  dusty floors, dried mud, & cheap red wine. Inspired by Count Olaf from The Series of Unfortunate Events.

Covfefe please!:cappuccino espresso & hazelnut cream

Creature: There are many strange legends in the Amazon… dark murky waters mix with avocado mint & bamboo to bring you a very clean and fresh scent, perfect for the girl that the Gil-Man is smitten with! Inspired by Creature From The Black Lagoon.

Crystal Thief: Inspired by Commander Rourke. Masculine earthy bases, cedar, and saffron seeds.

Cunning: elegant iris, rich sandalwood, clover, & verbena. 

Dahl: pink sugar cookie & blue cotton candy. Inspired by the whimsical author Roald Dahl. “A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.”

Dammit Janet, I Love You!: graveyard dirt, swirling leaves, & shiny engagement rings.

Dancing Clown: Candy corn & warm glazed donuts. You'll want to smell this sickeningly sweet scent more than once every 30 years. Inspired by Pennywise.

Dante’s Inferno Room: Crushed cloves spicy cinnamon, citrus slices, and flaky glazed pie crusts will entice your senses and the demon girls rock your world.

Darling Children: Orange groves, olive leaves, and black tea.

Daughter: amber, violet petals, heliotrope, & vanilla. Inspired by Princess Leia.

Day-O: Shredded ginger, awapuhi leaves, blooming jasmine, and coconut water.

Daytime Whiskey:whiskey & cranberry orange spice.

Demeter: basil leaves, mulled cider, death, & decay.

Demon Bear: Inspired by Mordu. Bergamot, citrus slices, pine, lavender, and musk. Irish Spring Type.

Designer Sheet Ghosts: Freshly washed sheets, and funeral flowers. Inspired by the Maitlands.

Destroyer: blue sugar type mixed with mahogany, cedar wood, and oak (INSPIRED BY DRAX)

Devil: Caramel orange flan sprinkled with holiday spices. Inspired by Lock.

Dickens: toasted bread, tobacco smoke, & whiskey.

Dionysus: Napa valley grape leaves, mixed berries, & merlot.

Dirty Bitch: cedar wood & warm amber.

Divination: exotic hemp, cannabis leaf, & freshly brewed black tea

Do You Believe?: sweet sugar cookies, spices, berries, & pine needles. Inspired by The Polar Express.

Do you even blend?:smugglers soul type & pipe tobacco

Doc: cedar, patchouli, apples, wooden barrels, and frosty water.

Dole Whip Swirl: Pineapple sorbet swirled with vanilla ice cream.

Don't Eat The Seeds!:vanilla cupcake, watermelon filling, & pink sugar buttercream icing. Inspired by The Rugrats.

Doodie Buddy: fizzy passionfruit limeade. pssst... this one glows in the dark!

Doom Buggy: smooth leather & metal safety bars topped with maple sugar & cider

Dopey: almond cake, white chocolate swirls, & sugar waffle cone crumbles.

Down By The River: Want to party in the French Quarter? Maybe you just want to relax by the riverside… Caramel drizzled beignets are perfect for both occasions! Inspired by Port Orleans Resorts.

Dr. Frankenstein: Ozone, vetiver woods, sweet spices, and tree resin.

The Doctor: Gin & Tonic and Fizzy Soda. Inspired by Dr. Tomoe.

Dragon’s Breath: Drakkar type, spicy cinnamon, & smokey firewood.

Dull Boy: Frosty lemon sugar cookie and warm whiskey. Inspired by Jack Torrance.

*DISCONTINUED* Eat Me: Drink me, eat me…. How about you just smell this sweet scent of berry Bundt cake, black tea, & greenery. Inspired by Alice In Wonderland.

Edgar Balthazar: pistachio pudding cake with a cup of warm black tea and milk.

Emperor: Inspired by Emperor Zurg. Herbal lemongrass mix with sweet rainforest sugarcane.

Ending Of Our World: We had such potential and such promise… but we squandered our gifts! So don’t squander this scent, wait until the perfect moment to melt this Bonfire Bliss Type. Inspired by 9.

Eros: God of attraction, desire, and affection. Raw honey, orange blossom, and mountain florals mix with vanilla and rose petals to create a welcoming scent that surrounds Eros's arrows.

Espresso Teen: vanilla mocha espresso with a whipped cream topping.

Evil Stepmother: Inspired by Lady Tremaine. Creamy buttery milk based custard flavored with vanilla beans with a hard scorched caramel topping.

Evil Stepsisters: Inspired by Anastasia and Drizella. Lemon, orange, fluffy white cake, and a fresh brewed cup of hot tea. This scent is so scrumptious, you just might try to find your own glass slipper to steal.

Fairest: lavender, sweet violet, and macintosh apple. Inspired by Snow White.

Fantasyland: 7 up pound cake, hot tea, & Viva La Juicy type.

Father: crisp cistrus, musk, lavender, & Asian sandalwood. Bleu De Chanel Type. Inspired by Darth Vader.

Fearsome: Inspired by Ivan The Terrible who was the Tsar of Russia in the mid- 1500s. He transformed Russia into an empire at the expense of its own people and even murdered his own son in an outburst of rage. Scented in juicy cherries, aromatic chestnuts, and vanilla bean.

Felix Felicis: spicy coriander, lemongrass, & fizz.

Fig Jam Ban: You're BANNED! roasted figs, brown sugar, & Calabrian bergamot.

Fight For Your Right:pear, strawberry, basil, & fizzy soda

Firefly: a plate of southern style cornbread with a warm pat of butter sitting on your front porch.

Fish Eye: brown sugar and fig & tea and cakes

Fish Killer: Inspired by Darla. Nostalgic memories of your favorite treat on a summer day complete with strawberries swirled in a creamy sauce. Inspired by the Yankee Candle Summer Scoop scent.

Fitzgerald: bubbly champagne, lemon juice, & rosemary sprigs.

Flagellum Dei: Inspired by Attila The Hun who was the most well-known ruler of the Huns and conquered most Eastern and Western Roman Empires. Scented in mandarin orange, black musk, and earthy patchouli.

Flash: blueberry, blackberry, and cherry slush giving you a total sugar rush to go FAST!!!!

Floating Castle: Cucumber, green tea, fresh air, and gun powder.

Flying: fresh air, cedar broom sticks, & grass trimmings

Foolish Mortals:creamed butter, brown sugar, clove, orange, & birchwood.

Forest Princess: Thick forest, fresh dirt, oaks, cedar, amber, and sandalwood.

FouFouFou: fizzy rootbeer and vanilla ice cream. A childlike version of Gaston.

*DISCONTINUED* France Pavilion: Bonjour! Fresh backed eclair filled with lemon curd and drizzled with white icing.

Frank: Donnie Darko is quite a creeptastic movie and Frank, The Bunny really helps make it just that! This scent has dark chocolate bark, toffee bits, and German chocolate cake mixed together to give you a sinfully rich experience when melting.

Frappula: layers of hot chocolate sauces, white chocolate sauce, and ground strawberry with a whipped cream topping.

Friend 'til The End: Vanilla pumpkin marshmallow cupcake. You'll want to share this sweet childhood fall favorite with your very best friend. Inspired by Chucky.

Frog: morning dew with hints of exotic garden herbs, green grass, and rain drops mixed with a glass of whiskey over ice.

Frontierland: maybe syrup: hickory smoked bacon, cornbread, & wheat bread.

Frozen Heart: sweet and floral Lovespell type mixed with ice peppermint. Inspired by Ana from Frozen.

Future World East: Sea salt, musk, and creamy coconut mix to create an image of the distant future.

Future World West: Layers of The Land, Ocean, and Imagination. Can you guess which is what?

Gemini:layers of pink lemonade & fizzy soda

Germany Pavilion: Hallo! Fresh apple slices wrapped in sugared pie crust dusted with graham cracker crumbles.

Ghost Host:vintage pipe smoke, red maple leaves, tree bark, & oud wood.

Ghoulish Delight:salted caramel, ginger shavings, pumpkin pulp, & apple slices.

GingerBoom:gingerbread houses, white icing, & bourbon on the rocks.

Glorious Day For A Wedding: Every last little thing must go according to plan with a mix of wedding cake & funeral flowers. Inspired by the Corpse Bride.

God Of Thunder: Norse oceanside spa & tart lingonberries. Inspired by Thor.

Goddess of Death:sour lime juice, storm clouds, frosty snow, & peppermint shavings. Inspired by Hella from Thor.

Goin' To Florida:orange creamsicle & cross country road trips.

Gold Digger: Inspired by Hernan Cortes who led an expedition that cause the fall of the Aztec Empire and began the first phase of the Spanish colonization of the Americas. Scented in dark chocolate shavings, cinnamon stick, and vanilla bean.

Good Dog!: Your dog is aliiiiiiiive! And you know what brought it back to life? A little bit of lightening and our special blend of dark chocolate & spiced oatmeal cookies. Just don’t try this with a lizard, or a rat…. Or anything else. Inspired by Frankenweenie.

Grab 'Em By Their Rights: Blonde moment & fizzy soda

Gracey Manor:evergreen trees, mountain steam, cedar wood, & incense.

Great Khan: Inspired by Genghis Kahn who was the founder and first Great Kahn of the Mongol Empire. He launched the Mongol Invasion and conquered most of Eurasia. Scented in freshly chopped bamboo, black ginger, and warm wood notes.

Greatest Gift: crushed spices, lemon leaf, & frosty oakmoss. Inspired by Its A Wonderful Life.

Green Lantern: calming lavender, grounding vetiver, and sexy fizzy absinthe.

Grim Grinning Ghosts:sweet candy corn, popcorn, & chunks of molasses cookies tossed in caramel.

Gross, Great, Ambergrise:overly ripe cantaloupe & fresh laundry.

Grumpy: wild berries, pomegranate seeds, & pipe tobacco.

Gula: Fudge brownie, crème brulee, and fire roasted marshmallow. The ultimate mix of gluttonous scents!

Hades:fire roasted marshmallows & screams of the Underworld.

Hannibal Lecter: fragrant black cherry of Bite Me Type with fizzy soda, vanilla bean, and just the faintest hint of masculine leather.

Happy ChallahDays: freshly baked egg bread, warm butter, & crisp rosemary

Happy Christmas: ruby red candy apples, pine trees, & fresh snow.

Happy Couple: Find your own paradise in the forests of Connecticut with this lovely scent of green grass blowing in the wind, hot tea in your retro kitchen, and peaches with cream in the library.

Happy Snowman: fresh snow, shredded carrots, candied ginger, & peppermint twists. Inspired by Olaf.

Happy: almonds and lemon slices drizzled in sweet honey.

Hawaiian Escape:white tea, ginger, & mandarin orange slices. Inspired by The Polynesian Village Resort.

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride: sea salt, amber, ocean mist, sandalwood, & orange blossom.

Hawk Eye: earthy witch's brew & tea and cakes.

Hawk Girl: Jungle Type with orchids and musk.

He Who Must Not Be Named: cannabis flower & masculine Red Polo Type. Inspired by Voldemort. 

Heart of Atlantis:wind off the pacific coast, sea grass, & yuzu. Inspired by Kida from Atlantis.

Heavy Breathing: BOO! Did we make you scream? This delectable scent of boo-berry and milk surely will. Inspired by Ghostface.

Hecate:oak moss, white carnations, blood orange, sandalwood, & fizz.

Hell Priest: Mulled Cider with a prickly fizz that will bring you back from the underworld. Inspired by Pin Head.

Hera:warm oat milk, honey, &cinnamon.

Herbology: herbs, fresh dirt, & screaming mandrakes!

Here to Sleigh:pink raspberries, pink sugar, & tonka bean

Himeros: God of sexual desire. Sensual notes of white chocolate dipped strawberries and a glass of sparkling champagne with musk and sandalwood in the background. With Himeros shooting you with his most desirable arrows, you just might get lucky when you melt this scent.

Hold Me… I Can’t: Stainless steel & freshly fallen snow mix to create a completely perfect scent inspired by Edward Scissorhands.

Honor To Us All: An apple for serenity (macintosh apple), a pendent for balance (chamomile), beads of jade for beauty (dandelion pear), you must proudly show it (sweet dreams). With swirls of ink and hot tea, even the match maker can’t get over this incredible scent!

Horror:salty sea air, ozone, greenery, & jasmine. Inspired by #6.

Horse Medicine:club soda, absinthe, herbs & bitters. Designed by AND for Equestranaut lovers.

HotHead: Inspired by Hades. Spice, woodiness, marshmallow, and amber make this wax burn with the light from 1000 souls.

Huggin' Bear: Inspired by Lotso. Buttery vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Even though he was malicious, you would still want to snuggle up to him with this comforting scent.

Hun Army Rides Again: Hemp, sandalwood, bamboo reeds, and fresh snow.

Hunter: Inspired by Clayton. Refreshing masculine blend of patitgrain, cardamom, and citrus, infused jasmine and rosemary with a base of musk, oak moss, and brazilian rosewood. Inspired by Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce cologne scent.

Hyper Speed:stainless steel, space ice, & Dirty type. Inspired by Space Mountain.

I am an Idiot: Blueberry cheesecake with an almond cookie crumble.

I AM GROOT: rich soil, fresh fern, cedar wood, and crisp apple (INSPIRED BY GROOT).

I Made Her!:cotton stitches, strawberry pulp, & lime zest.

I Work Alone: Cherry mist, coconut shavings, lime juice, and fizzy soda. Inspired by Mr. Incredible.

I’ll Make A Man Out Of You: We must be swift as a coursing river (tahitian waterfalls), with all the force of a great of a great typhoon (water lily and awapuhi seaberry), all the strength of a raging fire (roasted cedar), and mysterious as the dark side of the moon (jasmine petals and musk).

Ice Mice: lemony peppermint fizz

Ice Queen: crushed candy cane, fresh snow, & Light Blue Type. Inspired by Elsa.

Impaler: Inspired by Vlad Dracula III, the Prince of Wallachia, which eventually became Romania. He is known for invading Transylvania, capturing a majority of the people and executing them by having them impaled in front of his castle. Scented in orange oil, lemongrass, pumpkin seed, and peppercorn.

Impeachment is around the corner:georgia peach reduction on angel food cake

In Sickness & In Wealth:warm apple pie, pumpkin bread, cinnamon, & cyanide.

In The Golden Afternoon: Herb gardens mixed with freesia, and peony petals.

Incredible Mushu (Incense): Exotic florals, pear slices, patchouli, and firewood smoke.

Into The Forest: mahogany teakwood, cedar, oak, & musk. Inspired by The Huntsman.

Into The Woods:cedar wood, giant lobbies, & campfire smoke. Inspired by The  Wilderness Lodge Resort.

Invidia: This scent of sweet peas, hyacinth, violets, and tonka beans, mixed with Rose Jam type will have you green with Envy.

Ira: Sweet orange slices, chili flakes, cabernet grapes, and fresh ginger add fuel to the fire. Don’t let the spicy Wrath fully take control!

Iris:peach slices, black currants, green tea, fluffy clouds, & rainbows.

It’s All For You!: Scented with candied cherries, strawberry slices, frosted sprinkles, & powdered sugar. With this melting, you will have to watch your back! You might just have an untimely accident… Inspired by The Omen.

It’s Fall Y’all: Ripe pear, vanilla bean, toasted Maplewood, and amber. YUM!

Italy Pavilion: Ciao! A traditional blend of cherry and vanilla amaretto.

Its Aliiiiive:pistachio pudding cake & fluffy blueberry muffins.

*DISCONTINUED* Its All Very Personal: Miles of grape vineyards, sugarcane, and crisp ozone of the afterlife. Inspired by Miss Argentina.

Its Showtime!: Oakmoss, sage, black musk, pine, fresh water, and a sprinkle of cemetery dirt really bring the ghost with the most to life, baby! Inspired by Beetlejuice.

Jack-O-Lantern: pumpkin pie, caramel drizzles, & freshly dried hay

Japan Pavilion: Konichiwa! Japanese Pear, citrus blends, and ginseng.

John Clare: Fresh rain, patchouli, lily petals, and ozone.

Juice Caboose: assorted fruit juices & chocolate fountain drizzles.

Jump In The Line: Lush greenery, yuzu zest, mango, acai berry, and almond milk will make you shake shake shake Senora!

Jun Jun: coconut lime verbena & tea and cakes

Just A Doll: Buttercream frosting, and sweet strawberry bubblegum. Inspired by Harley Quinn.

King Moddy I: black tea, green clover, verbena, & sandalwood. Inspired by Mad Mod from Teen Titans.

King: dark and spooky lagoons, oakmoss, & amber. Inspired by the classic horror author Stephen King. “Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.”

Kneel In Pieces: Inspired by Shan Yu. Cedar, sandalwood, orange, and jasmine take you to far away places that even the Huns couldn't dream of conquering.

Kraken:leather suites & watermelon slices. Inspired by #2

Let it snow:fresh snow & Christmas cheer

Let's Get Lit:chocolate gelt coins, sugar cookies, & dreidel spins

Liberty Square:cornbread, sugar, pecans, & wheat bread.

Lily, The Fierce: Pear, sweet pumpkin, spices, and chrysanthemums.

Little Miss Who: peppermint, sweet pink sugar, and vanilla.

Little Witch: Freshly baked bread, cedar broomsticks, and windy days.

Loan Shark:silk suites, strong cologne, & Cuban cigar smoke. Inspired by Bill Sykes from Oliver & Company.

Lost Boys: Rainforest blossoms, crunchy leaves, and fresh dirt.

*DISCONTINUED* Lost Memories: clementine, forget me nots, fresh snow, and stainless steel. Inspired by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and created by JJ Rhodes!

Lotus Eaters:mixed herbs, dandelion petals, & lotus blossoms.

Loyal: sweet mandarine orange, coconut shavings, & vanilla bean.

Lucky Cricket: Asian pear, lily petals, sandalwood, and cricket chirps.

Lumiere (Candelabra): warm amber, wild geranium, and seductive rose will light up your night.

Luxuria: Woodland rose, violet petals, warm moss, shredded ginger, aromatic herbs, and sweet pink sugar will have you lusting after this scent days after its gone.

Mad Scientist: Warm fizzy orange spice. Inspired by Dr. Finklestien.

Madame Kali The Magnificent: Incense, myrrh, and exotic sandalwood.

Main Street, USA:candy apples, funnel cake, & cotton candy.

Make America Gay Again:mixed fruit & raw sugar

Marshmallow World:rice krispie cereal, marshmallow fluff, & whipped cream.

Martian Manhunter: relaxing ozone and mint, pink grapefruit, and peaches.

ME ME ME:  Inspired by Gaston. A dark and fruity fragrance infused with a spiced bourbon and rich vanilla with an aded fizz to make you feel like you're sitting in your own tavern.

Medusa:sweet green apple, musky floral, & sour lemon.

Mele Kelikimaka:is the thing to say, on a bright, Hawaiian Christmas daaaaay. Pineapple chunks and shredded coconut dusted with cinnamon.

Mermaid Frap Melt: vanilla ice cream blended with green tea matcha power and freeze dried blackberries with a whipped cream topping.

Mexico Pavilion: Hola! This scent is a triple threat. Tres leches, Mexican fried ice cream, and dolce de leche drizzle.

Milk Bar: red hot cinnamon and bright tarocco orange mix with cold milk. Inspired by Alex DeLarge.

Mischievous: Lord Of Misrule dupe.

Mistress 9: Birch & black pepper and floral Black Currant

Model Citizen:cucumber, green tea, sliced ginger, & coconut shavings.

Mon Sauvage: silk robes, cigar smoke, & Men's Cologne

Morocco Pavilion: Marhba! Mulled orange rind, patchouli, red currants, and musk.

*DISCONTINUED* Mother & Blood: Cardamom, dried pine, & musty motel air swirl together just outside of The Bates Motel. Remember, A boy’s best friend is always his mother…. Inspired by Psycho.

Moving Castle: Campfire coals, buttermilk pancakes, maple bacon, and syrup.

Mr. Gray’s Painting: Green Irish tweed, men’s cologne, wild flowers, and freshly mown grass.

Mr. Rat: minty Dirty Type, sea salt, and driftwood. Inspired by Peter Pettigrew.

Mr. Turner: teakwood, cardamom, clove, sliced almonds, and pipe smoke.

Mr. Wobblepot: Salty sea air, shaving cream, and gutter water. Inspired by Penguin.

Mrs. Potts & Chip: Earl Grey Tea, rosemary, and bergamot zest goes perfectly with a sweet petit four.

Ms. Ives: Autumn flo9wers, orange slices, and hot black tea.

Ms. Lestrange: Avobath Type, lime, shredded basil, mint, and sparkling fizz.

Ms. Swann: earl grey tea leaves, lemon zest, juicy peach slices, and a slice of sweet almond cake.

Mummy Dearest:cannabis, exotic hemp, & lotus blossoms.

My Body, My Choice!:beautiful day type

My Pet: succulent green apple slices, refreshing lemon verbena, and fizzy soda for the perfect bite. Inspired by Nagini.

Natural Bitch: patchouli & sandalwood.

Negamoon Sisters: Cotton amber and chamomile.

Neighbor: Yuzu, satsuma, growing trees, and rain water.

Nessie:blue lagoons & green grass off the Loch. Inspired by The Lock Ness Monster.

Never Sleep Again: Hazelnut Coffee & vanilla This scent is guaranteed to keep you up all night. Inspired by Freddy Krueger. 

New Leaf On Life: Ivy leaf, tiare flower, and earthy green pumpkin. Inspired by Poison Ivy.

Norway Pavilion: Hallo!! Scandinavian butter cookies slathered with buttercream icing.

Not A Phase: Mixed fruit pie, vanilla drizzle, topped with macintosh apples.

Not Broken: Ginger shavings, vanilla soufflé, drizzled with a fruity glaze.

Not Confused: Lemon meringue pie and mixed fruit.

Not Defined By A Body Part: Fruit Loops, sweet vanilla drizzle, and assorted fruit.

NotMypresident: Comforter type & vanilla swirl

Old-Fashioned Family Christmas: bayberry, chestnuts, orange, cinnamon stick, clove, & a too big fir christmas tree. Inspired by National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

*DISCONTINUED* Oompa Loompas: For our mini colab with Laughing Crow Candle Co, we created this sugary sweet scent that truly smells like the inside of a candy factory. Sweet tarts, gummy bears, skittles, sour lemon drops, watermelon taffy, and vanilla sugar mix for the sweetest scent we have ever created. Luckily, this won’t give you a cavity!

Oy To The World: traditional sufganiot otherwise known as deep fried jelly donuts dusted with cinnamon & powdered sugar

Para Para: peppermint & tea and cakes

Pegasus:fresh hay, pumpkin pulp, ozone, fluffy clouds, lime, & musk.

People Smell Better Than Reindeer: snow covered pine needles, rosemary, spiced bay, sweet sugar cookies, and red berries. Inspired by Kristoff.

Peppermint Mocha: scrumptious hot chocolate, peppermint essence, and fresh ground coffee, with a whipped cream topping.

Perfect Shot: black ginger, bamboo stalks, & mahogany woods. Inspired by Hawk Eye.

Pink Lady: pink grapefruit, pink sugar, and earl grey tea. Inspired by the real villain of Harry Potter, Delores Umbridge.

Pixie Dust: Gardenia petals, honeysuckle, and pink sugar.

Poe: smoked vanilla, earthy notes, and delicate rose petals. Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.”

Poisonous B*tch: Inspired by The Evil Queen. Crisp and juicy macintosh apple thrown in a fizzy potion. (Our signature scent)

Polyjuice Potion: pink watermelon, key lime pie, & fizz.

Poseidon: beach wood, sea kelp, ocean mist.

Practically Perfect: in every way! Inspired by Mary Poppins. Black tea, white cake, & strawberries.

Premium Bar: sweet vanilla ice cream dipped in milk chocolate.

Prince John: balsam fir, rich frosted pear, and candied almonds.

Princess: warm beignets dusted with powdered sugar and a vanilla glaze.

PSL: fresh ground coffee, pumpkin pulp, and vanilla bean with a whipped cream topping.

Pudge Controls The Weather:only peanut butter and whole wheat bread! never tuna...

Pumpkin Chai:black tea, vanilla cream, clove, pumpkin, & graham cracker

Pumpkin Juice: pumpkin juice, ginger, apple pulp, & clove

Purely Evil: Maple pumpkin glazed donuts that smell so good, you might just want to break out of a mental institution and go on a murder spree 15 years after already murdering your sister. Inspired by Michael Myers.

QuailMan!:cotton tightie whities & leather belts. Inspired by Doug.

Queen Beryl: black amethyst type & vanilla bean.

Queen Nehelenia: Chamomile and black currant

Rag Doll: Cranberries & cinnamon spiced vanilla. Inspired by Sally.

Real Glitch: Inspired by King Candy. Sugary sweet cotton candy, strawberry preserves, and vanilla caramel.

Red Queen: Inspired by The Queen Of Hearts. Red Rosebuds with a surrounding cloud of vanilla bean will have you thinking twice about planting white roses in the garden.

Reign of Terror: Inspired by Maximilien Robespierre who was a politician during the French Revolution. He influenced the execution of King Louis XVI and fronted the committee guillotined over 44,000 citizens. Scented in pistachios, coconut shavings, vanilla ganache, and macaroon chunks.

Reindeer Are Better Than People: snow covered pine needles, rosemary, spiced bay, barn wood, & candied ginger. Inspired by Sven.

Reindeer Games: warm cinnamon buns drizzled with white icing & a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Inspired by Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Repeal the patriarchy: Black cherry & Strawberry cheesecake

Riders On A Mission: pineapple chunks, SPF 50, & salty ocean water. Inspired by Rocket Power.

Rowling: black tea, citrus, apples, peaches, and a touch of sugar. Inspired by JK Rowling. “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

RRWWWGG: caramel, brown sugar, maple, butter, & roasted chestnuts. Inspired by Chewbacca.

Rumor: orange fizzy soda, pink sugar crystals, & raspberry jam. Inspired by #3

S'mores: layers of marshmallow fluff, chocolate sauces, and graham cracker crumbles with a whipped cream topping.

Sailor Jupiter: Scrumptious almond and orange cake with a caramel drizzle

Sailor Mars: Honey blossoms, citrus infused with honeycomb, fiery cinnamon, and raw vanilla

Sailor Mercury: Freshly blown bubbles, ocean mist, sea salt, sea moss, and geranium flower

Sailor Mini Moon: Cotton candy, salt water taffy, and fruit loops

Sailor Moon: Vanilla bean noel, fruit loops, and sweet lavender lullaby

Sailor Neptune: Fresh flowers, light coconut, sandalwood, and ocean waves. Baja Cactus Blossom Type

Sailor Pluto: Calming lavender, French vanilla, sandalwood, apricot, and rose.

Sailor Saturn: Spicy ginger and fresh ground black pepper

Sailor Uranus: Lotus blossoms, musk, tobacco leaf, and cherry wood.

Sailor Venus: Sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, and white musk. Let Them Eat Cake Type.

Salty Bitch: salty sea air.

Sanctuary: Inspired by Claude Frollo. A masculine fragrance with fresh bergamot top notes, wild lavender, and subtle pine followed by sandalwood and soothing musk. Inspired by Black Ice Type.

Sandy Claws: Peppermint made with traditional holiday spices. Inspired by Santa Clause.

Saving Family: crisp and frosty windowpane, peppermint, & mistletoe. Inspired by White Christmas.

Scylla & Charybdis: beach wood & salty sea spray layered.

Sea Witch: Inspired by Ursula. A cleansing ocean air before the storm. Inspired by the Yankee Storm Watch scent.

Seance: green Irish tweed, smokey incense, & cannabis. Inspired by #4

Second Star To The Right: Ocean mist, fog from a night in London, and shooting stars.

Seuss: warm bread pudding, drizzles of butterscotch, and caramel. Inspired by Dr. Seuss. “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind”

Sexy Dance Fighting:herbal massage oils, tea lights, & ponytail whips guaranteed to force out your 4:30 meeting.

Shadow: Inspired by Aaron Burr, the third vice president of the United States. He is known for participating in an illegal duel which led to the murder of Alexander Hamilton. Scented in smoky gun powder, patchouli, bergamot, and vanilla.

Shakespeare:coriander, hibiscus, myrrh, & lily of the valley.

Sharkbait: sea salt, aquatic florals, greenery, & fresh air. Inspired by Nemo!

Show Your Pride: a fruity mix of mandarin orange slices, pears, pineapples, and grapes sprinkled with raw sugar.

Siamese Twins: Inspired by Si & Am. A spicy fusion of patchouli, peach, clove, and sandalwood. This scent will give an asian flare to any troublemaker's day.

Sick Bitch: eucalyptus & peppermint.

Silent Tiger: Cherry, almond, cannabis flower, and nag champa.

Silverstein: barbershop, lemon slices, yuzu, and sea salt. Inspired by Shel Silverstein. “To me, freedom entitles you to do something, not to not do something”

Sir Malcom Murray: Spicy citrus, vanilla, musk, and pope tobacco.

Size 35:oud wood, patchouli, fresh rain, & sandalwood musk.

Skeleton: freshly baked gingerbread drizzled in icing. Inspired by Barrel.

Sleep Over Gene:peanut butter, sugar packets, & ice cream.

Sleeping Princess:freshly laundered linens, silk robes, rose petals, peach slices, & fairy dust.

Sleepy: vanilla bean, peppermint bark, and sweet lavender.

Slumber Party Fashion Show: sweet sugar, fresh pajamas, & pinkfeather boas.

Small, Small Word: buttercream icing, pink sugar cookies, & lemon sugar. Inspired by Its A Small World.

Smash!: earthy patchouli & spicy cinnamon candies. Inspired by The Hulk.

Smell Good, It Will: clean and fresh evergreen forest, guava, apples, & cedar wood. Inspired by Yoda.

Smuggler: a woodsy, masculine scent with notes of cedar & honey.

Sneezy: flowers on flowers on flowers.

Soldier From The Mountains: Cherry blossom petals, frosty snow, and cannon smoke.

Something Wicked This Way Comes: pumpkin, persimmon, elderberries, currants, cinnamon, & sugarcane.

Somewhere Beyond: elderflower, green moss, & incense. Inspired by The Haunted Mansion.

Son: patchouli, lemongrass, orange oil, & pine. Karma Type. Inspired by Luke Skywalker.

Sorting Melt: wondering what house you are? Melt me to find out! Scented in yummy cream soda. 

Soul Sucker: ghostly woods, fresh dirt, and soul souring lime. Inspired by the Dementors.

Sour Bitch: lemon rind & fizz.

Space Adventures: strawberry sno cones & mai tais.

Spaceboy: sexy Polo Red type & sour raspberry cream cake. Inspired by #1

Sparkle Jelly Bracelet: grape jelly & peanut butter cookies.

Speak The Ruth:cotton lace collars & Light Blue Perfume type

Spoiled: Inspired by Nero Germanicus, who was the last Roman Emperor of the Julio-Claudius Dynasty. He instigated the Great Fire of Rome to clear space for his palatial complex but put the blame on many Christian people and burned them alive as punishment. Scented in musky florals, fresh lemon, and olive branch type.

STARLORD: lemon and lime zest, French lavender, and rustic pine needles (INSPIRED BY PETER QUILL)

State Of Mind: maple toddy, fried donuts, &  warm apple cider. Inspired by Miracle On 34th St.

Stitch's Island Parfait: layers of coconut water, kiwi, blue raspberry, orange creme, & pineapple fizz.

Strange & Unusual: A complex scent of pine trees, rosemary leaves, and zesty lemon curd. Inspired by Lydia Deetz.

Stupid Fakey Luau: Hawaiian fruits, tropical florals, & sweet campfire smoke.

Sugar Cookies:banana boat sun screen & sugar cookie crumbles!

Sugar Rush: I’m GONNA WRECK IT! Inspired by Wreck-It Ralph. Cotton candy, bubblegum, lemon, & sugar sprinkles.

Sunburnt Tourist:mint chocolate chip ice cream, salt water, & sandy beaches.

Superbia: lemon grass, lime, and cotton candy (25:43 type) mixed with Absinthe. This is a scent that you will be prideful to melt in your home!

Superman: brown sugar, toasted fig, musky silver birch, and manly vetiver.

Sweet Bitch: vanilla & caramel swirl.

Sweet Transvestite: The Doctor's lips are in.... scented in sweet buttercream icing, peppermint crystals, & vanilla cupcake.

Taka: Inspired by Scar. An inviting masculine scent with refreshing citrus top notes followed by rustic tobacco and exotic florals. 

TBBOT (THAT BLUE B*TCH OVER THERE): orange blossom, heliotrope, vanilla, cherry blossoms, lily of the valley, neroli, and sandalwood (INSPIRED BY NEBULA)

*DISCONTINUED* Tea Time: A blend of tea leaves.

Temper: cotton shirts, amber, & shaving cream.

TGBOT (THAT GREEN B*TCH OVER THERE): waffle cone chunks, mixed with cinnamon, honey, cherries, and coconut flakes plopped on top of a pistachio pudding cake (INSPIRED BY GAMORA)

Thankful: What are you thankful for? Apples, cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and pumpkin butter mix together to create the perfect scent for Thanksgiving.

That Psychotic Smile: You better put this melt in right away! Do we look like we’re joking? Key lime pie, whipped cream, and absinthe. Inspired by Batman.

The 45: strawberry slices, blueberries, pie crust, & whipped cream. Inspired by The Hall of Presidents.

The Amazons: bamboo stalks, amber crystals, dragons blood, & orange grove.

The Billionaire: luxurious Burberry Brit type & rich woods, jasmine petals, sea spray, & ozone. Inspired by Iron Man.

The Captain: warm apple streusel, cinnamon crumbles, cedarwood, & green fern. Inspired by Captain America.

The Grass Is Much Greener: ginger chunks dusted in cinnamon on a bed of green grass. Inspired by As Told By Ginger.

The King: banana slices, marshmallow fluff, peanut butter, & toasted bread.

The Laughing Place: grass, waterfall spray, dry branches, & smoke. Inspired by Splash Mountain.

The Master:cedar leaf, greens, french vanilla, & oak.

The Professor: lavender, fresh bergamot, & leather accords, finishing with a masculine musk and sandalwood. Inspired by Professor Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective. 

The Showman: burnt teakwood, affogato style coffee, & lemon rind. Inspired by Stromboli from Pinocchio.

The Vault: murky water, old wooden boats, & raw stone.

The Wall: mexican fried ice cream with chocolate drizzles

The Weapon: tart black cherry & fizzy orange soda pop. Inspired by Black Widow.

They're So Fresh!:cranberry salsa & fresh cut grass.

They’re Here!: Talk louder! We can’t here you over all of this static! Whatever, just don’t forget this melt on the other side! Be careful, its alluring scent of molasses cookies, snickerdoodles, & citron spices will attract the lost souls, especially the Beast.

This Is Halloween: Boys & girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to smell something strange? Come with us and you will see, this our melt of Halloween! The scent of pumpkin pie & fire roasted marshmallows actually smell quite scrumptious and is perfect for your own Jack & Sally love to snuggle up together on a cool October night.

Tick Tock: Inspired by Hook. Sea mist with rich woods and musk to make you walk the plank, falling into the blue lagoon. 

Tiger's Eye: orange spice & tea and cakes.

‘Til Death Do Us Part:vanilla crunch wedding cake & cinnamon spun sugar.

Time Warp: nostalgic Juicy Fruit bubblegum to throw you back in time!

Tolkien: elderflower, tree bark, magnolia petals, & moss. Inspired by JRR Tolkien. “Not all those who wander are lost.”

Tomorrowland: rocket ships, space dust, & freeze dried lemon.

Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me: pomegranate seeds, dark chocolate shavings, & sweet sugar cookies.

Traitor: Inspired by Benedict Arnold who was a general during the American Revolution that famously defected to the British Army. Scented in freshly baked bread, ginger root, and dried apples.

Transfiguration: intoxicating patchouli, clove bud, evergreen forest, apple slices, & pumpkin bread

Triple Threat: sparkling fruits mix with fir, cedar, juniper, & pine for a traditional holiday fragrance. Inspired by Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas.

Tropical Hideaway: orange flower, sandalwood, tonka, & coconut. Inspired by The Enchanted Tiki Room.

Tropical Sunset: Hawaiian Tropic sun tan lotion dupe.

True Love’s Kiss: safe, basil, mint, & dusted cinnamon. Inspired by Prince Ferdinand.

Tuxedo Mask: Black cinnamon, smooth vetiver, exotic spices, and a sprinkle of rose petals

Twain: pureed huckleberry, cinnamon, & greenery.

Two Faced: Vanilla dusted mistletoe. Inspired by The Mayor of Halloweentown.

*DISCONTINUED* Ugly Concubines: Mixed fruit and a can of whoop-ass!

UK Pavilion: Hiya! Foggy mist, tangled gardens, ozone, and black tea leaves.

Unicorn: mango, peaches, bubblegum, blueberries, and fizzy soda, with a whipped cream topping.

Virginia Guvna: Inspired by Governor Ratcliffe. This mix of cedar, rose, sandalwood, and vanilla will have you digging up Virginia for gold!

Voodoo King: Inspired by Dr. Facilier. Rich tobacco leaf, cognac, cherry, and fragrant vanilla bean will have you speaking to your friends on the other side. 

Voodoo Queen of The Bayou: delicious caramel coated pecans mixed with fizzy candied ginger for a fresh bite.

Walk Your Tightrope Perfume:fallen leaves, cool air, patchouli, ozone, & moss.

Wassail:traditional mulled wine with orange rind.

Watch Your Heads: Get ready, the Headless Horseman will be coming back from Hell to get the scent of falling leaves & fresh autumn rain. Inspired by Sleepy Hollow.

We Wants The Red Head: pipe tobacco, pomegranate seeds, & vanilla. Inspired by The Pirates of The Caribbean.

We Were Only Trying to Drown Her: Jasmine, green apple, and cool water.

Weird & Pissed Off: This scent is so unusual, it will catch you off-guard when it crash-lands in your melter! Frosted mint leaf, amber, vetiver, cedar wood, & warm apple cider… Its so weird, it works! Inspired by The Thing.

Welcome To The Jungle: amazon mist, tall trees, leaves, dirt, and pure adrenaline. Inspired by Jumanji.

Wharf Of Wonder: waffle cones, kettle corn, cotton candy, & sea air.

What's This?: Christmas fruit cooking on your stove with clove, french vanilla, and winter berry. Inspired by ChristmasTown

*DISCONTINUED* When Will My Reflection Show: Rooibos red tea leaves, jasmine petals, lime juice, and green tea aroma.

Where Is My Super Suit!?: Crisp ozone, eucalyptus, and sweet peppermint. Inspired by Frozone.

White Rabbit Jaina: From the DC Universe! This sultry villain certainly likes to cause trouble! Tart lemon meringue pie & warm almond cake will have you seeing double!

White Rabbit Lorina: From the Marvel Universe! Lorina is quite a bit kooky, just like this scent! Black cherry, vanilla bean, and fresh lemon verbena is perfect for when you’re feeling a bit kooky too!

White Violin: earl grey tea, artless pear, & warm black amethyst. Inspired by #7

Who Knows Best?: Inspired by Mother Gothel. Rich earthy notes blend with dark amber and exotic quiacwood for a spellbinding fragrance that captivates the senses. 

Wicked Lady: black currant and blackberry sage

Wild & Untamed: Warm Vanilla Sugar type mixed with orange sherbet & fresh cream. 

Wise: hot earl grey tea & freshly brewed espresso.

Witch, Please!:poisonous blueberry pie, pumpkin puree, ginger shavings, & French vanilla cream.

Witch: Cinnamon stick soaked in vanilla bean. Inspired by Shock.

Wonder Woman: warm and earthy spices mix with a gift from the gods, pomegranate, sunny sweet orange flower and crushed tonka beans from the rain forest

Woooooooooooh!: kaffir lime, oakmoss, lemon zest, & lily of the valley. Inspired by R2D2.

Wrong Lever: Inspired by Yzma. This scent is bursting with sparkling lime and juicy coconut notes blended with refreshing verbena.

Ya Filthy Animal: cinnamon snickerdoodle cookies, bayberry, clove, & fir garland. Inspired by Home Alone.

Ymbryne & Hollow Duo: Inspired by Ms. Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. The Ymryne has green fig leave, lemon leaf, oak wood, tobacco, and bayleaf. The Hollow is a mix of Black ice Type, murky waters, chunks of mud, and cedar wood slices. A Peculiar duo indeed!

You Fools: Inspired by the most vicious of villains, Maleficent. Vanilla, balsam, sweet berries, warm spices, and citrus notes to send you into a deep slumber...

You Killed Santa!: crisp green apple, spices, holiday garland, sweet vanilla, & crushed candy canes. Inspired by The Santa Clause.. 

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out: eucalyptus , orange zest, peppermint, & frosty sea spray. Inspired by A Christmas Story.

You're A Mean One: fizzy soda pop bubbles, candy canes, sweet syrup, & sugar crystals. Inspired by How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Young Goldfish: Ocean water, salty sea air, and cotton amber.

Younger: Inspired by Marcus Brutus who was a political for the late Roman Republic and had the leading role in the Julius Caesar’s assassination. Scented in pear juice white musk, grape leaves, and earthy green pumpkin

Zero Degrees Celsius: Black ice type, pine trees, icicles, and peppermint twists. Inspired by Mr. Freeze.

Zim Zabberim Zim:Sweet witchy brews, peppery dark magic, and plump figs. Inspired by Madam Mim from The Sword & The Stone. 

Zydrate: don't be fooled by the light color, this addictive scent of fizzy blue raspberry will glow bright blue as soon as its warmed.