In A Galaxy Far, Far Away Collection
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In A Galaxy Far, Far Away Collection

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-The Father: crisp citrus, musk, lavender, & sandalwood. Bleu De Chanel Type. Inspired by Darth Vader.

-The Daughter: amber, violet, heliotrope, & sweet vanilla. Inspired by General Organa/Princess Leia.

-The Son: sweet grapes, rose, geranium, & patchouli. Supernova Type. inspired by luke skywalker

-Bad Shot: patchouli, lemongrass, orange oil, & pine. Karma Type. Inspired by the Stormtroopers.

-Jedi Killer: alluring amber crystals, tonka bean, & sour lemon. Black Code type. Inspired by Kylo Ren.

-The Scavenger: shredded ginger, valley trees, & sandy deserts. Inspired by Rey Skywalker.

-Smell Good, It Will: fresh evergreen forest, guava, apples, & cedar wood. Inspired by yoda.

-The Smuggler: woodsy, masculine scent with notes of cedar & honey.