Forgotten Childhood Classics Collection
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Forgotten Childhood Classics Collection

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Inspired by some of our favorite childhood movies that most of us forget about!

Use the dropdown box to select which scent you want. 

-Let Me Be Your Wings: dewy velvet rose, forget me not petals, and bumble bee buzzes. Inspired by Thumbelina. 
-Once Upon A December: steaming earl grey tea, apple blossoms, frosted windows, & distant memories. Inspired by Anastasia. 
-I Will Never Be Yours: night-blooming jasmine, soft musk, lake water, and morning sunshine. Inspired by Princess Odette from The Swan Princess. 
-Let Your Heart Guide You: rich jungle foliage, tropical fruits, ancient oak trees, and fresh tree stars. Inspired by The Land Before Time. 
-Courage of The Heart: fields of wheat, floral musk, cassis, and ripe berries. Inspired by The Secret of The Nimh. 
-The Cat’s Meow: herbal black currant, t*b*cco bark, candied violet, and juicy raspberry. Inspired by Cats Don’t Dance! 
-Toxic Love: grunge-y blend stainless steel construction equipment, rotting wood, diesel oil, grime & noxious muck. Inspired by Hexxus from FernGully. -Eccentric Circus: a haunting and unique blend of stale carnival popcorn, ylang ylang, spice, and sour Brain Drain pills. Inspired by Professor Screweyes from We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story.  
-Looking Through Your Eyes: ethereal waterfalls, dewy moss, fresh Balsam, & zesty eucalyptus. Inspired by Quest For Camelot. 
-Part Dog, Part Wolf, All Hero: old-fashioned weathered dog sleds, frosty Arctic nights, and the sweet innocence of a dog’s love