Cryptid Curiosity - Wax Melt Collection
Cryptid Curiosity - Wax Melt Collection
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Cryptid Curiosity - Wax Melt Collection

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Inspired by the mysterious creatures that lurk in the dark...

Kraken: from the coasts of Norway & Greenland. Seaside breezes, cucumber slices, balsam, & icy water. 
Chupacabra: also known as the GoatSucker and can be found in the Southwestern US & Mexico. Dark olibanum, warm musk, green rosemary, black coconut, golden sands, & goat’s blood. 
MothMan: located in West Virginia. Pinecones, pomegranate seeds, bits of leather, patchouli, & blood red eyes. 
Water Hound: also known as the King Otter or Dobhar-chu from Ireland. Eucalyptus sprigs, watercress, sweet olive, & jasmine. 
Jersey Devil: native to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Cedar logs, clove buds, lavender petals, & blood curdling screams.