Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me Collection
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Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me Collection

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Inspired by the Pirates of The Caribbean ride at Disneyland and the incredible movies! 

Use the dropdown box to select which scent you want. 

Blood of A Pirate & Parlay Duo: Blood of A Pirate is a blend of teakwood, cardamom, clove, sliced almonds & pipe smoke; inspired by William Turner. Parlay is a blend of earl grey tea leaves, lemon zest, juicy peach slices & a slice of sweet almond cake; inspired by Elizabeth Swann. 
Why Is The Rum Always Gone?: spicy rum, berries, ocean air & salt water. Inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow. 
Calypso: incense, patchouli, warm plums, vanilla tart, and orange zest; Inspired by Tia Dalma. Please note, this is the last time this scent will ever be available as one of the fragrance oils has been discontinued and there is no replacement. This is also not pictured but is a warm brown glittery bar.
Do You Fear Death?: fizzy absinthe, herbal sage, sea salt & driftwood; inspired by Captain Davy Jones. 
You Best Start Believing In Ghost Stories: rich tobacco leaf, cognac, cherry pits, vetiver, green fern & ozone; inspired by Captain Barbosa. 
Two Knuckleheads: bay leaf, crushed berries, smoked tobacco ash, & twigs; inspired by Pintel & Ragetti 
Pirate’s Water: that oceany, chemically scent we all know and love from the ride.  
We Wants The Redhead: pipe tobacco, pomegranate seeds & vanilla.  
Black Pearl: lavender petals, chamomile, myrrh, sandalwood, & rough seas; inspired by the legendary ship herself, The Black Pearl. 

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