Sailor Villains
Sailor Villains
Villainous Wax

Sailor Villains

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Use the dropdown box to select which scent you want.

Wicked Lady: floral black currant, blackberry jam, & sweet pink sugar. 

Queen Beryl: black amethyst type & vanilla bean. 

Queen Nehelenia: soothing chamomile, herbal lavender, & black currant leaves. 

Amazon Quartet: 
Besu Besu: raspberry jam and tea cakes 
Jun Jun: coconut lime verbena and tea cakes 
Para Para: peppermint and tea cakes 
Cele Cele: strawberry ice cream and tea cakes 

Amazon Trio: 
Tiger’s Eye: spiced orange flan and tea cakes 
Hawk’s Eye: dark amber, cinnamon, and tea cakes 
Fish Eye: brown sugar, fig puree, and tea cakes 

Doctor: sour gin, effervescent tonic water, & lemon soda. Inspired by Doctor Tomoe. 

Wiseman: spicy Lord of Misrule type, charred sandalwood, & smoke. 

Sailor Galaxia: caramel pear puree, mandarin slices, & shredded coconut. 

Pharaoh 90: dragon’s blood, incense, & dark musk.