Hanging Diffusers
Hanging Diffusers
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Hanging Diffusers

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The beauty of our hanging diffusers is that you can hang them anywhere! They are a great option for when you want a flameless or no heat required fragrance. Simply tie the diffuser to a shelf, curtain rod, door handle, or wherever! I prefer to tie them to my rearview mirror in the car.
Creamy Kisses Car Diffuser: LUSH American Cream dupe. A sweet & creamy strawberry scent.
Candy Kisses Car Diffuser: LUSH Snow Fairy dupe. A super sweet candy scent.
The Burrow: warm zucchini bread & fluffy pancakes topped with maple syrup. Inspired by Harry Potter.
The Baudelaire Children: tart apples, warm cinnamon dumpling, maple oatmeal, & parental love. Inspired by A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Calm Bitch: pure lavender petals
Chameleon: maple, vanilla orchid & figs, sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper for some edge. Inspired by Randall from our Disney Villains collection
A Queen's Command: luxurious cocoa butter, cashmere stockings, & sweet vanilla bean. Inspired by Queen Charlotte.
What The Heart Wants: burnt plums, peach puree, pie crust, powdered sugar, & whipped topping.
*Please remove stopper under cap before use*
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